Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Next Project

Next Project - Interweave Knits - Drawstring Chemise. Thanks to one of my favorite sites "Stitchywitch". . .I saw it in mocha and had to make it. The lace pattern is a little difficult at first but eventually you catch on and the pattern stands out to you as you are knitting. I have a very long torso so I took Jessica's suggestion and added 1.5 inches to the length. I am creeping on 30 and my mid-drift days are over. . flat stomach or not.

Over all the project is very inexpensive. . .6 skeins at 7.50 each = $45.00. Compared to a sweater. . .that isn't bad!

I have been knitting to and from work everyday. . .don't worry . . Joel and I are commuting together. . .no knitting while driving :) I really enjoy knitting with cotton during the summer. . it has a great feel to it and it doesn't stick to you when it is humid.

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Jessica said...

Hey Gwen,
Love the new project I showed my boss and she really like it too. I might have to try it with your help and hers!!! Have fun!!!

Jess ;-)

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