Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cards

Finishing up Christmas cards this weekend. . . 45 cards in all. Whew! It's a lot of work let me tell you. . .first coming up with the design and then actually making them.

I really like how they came out. Took me forever do decide on whether to do something with snowflakes or the new mitten stamp I just got from Stampin Up. I also go to use some gems that I purchased forever ago which have been sitting in my eyelet and brad tackle box.

Now hopefully everyone likes them. . .or at least appreciates how much work goes into them.

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kristina said...

beautiful! I love making cards, but NOT coming up with the designs. I've made a few in the past, and always just copied the ones that my friend came up with. She's a good sport, like that. :)

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