Friday, December 19, 2008

Embossed leaves socks and the cambridge vest. . .

I finally finished the embossed leaves socks from interweave knits last night and got to have photos taken with my new toy. . .yes. . . Santa came early at my house. . he always seems to and brought me a Canon rebel . . .amazing!

I have wanted a new camera for the last six months since mine has been unable to capture those crisp images that I want for my knitting. It really is a great camera and I got a great deal at A very good friend of mine recommended this site and it really is the best!

Now the next plan is to take a photography class. . .now I know I can point and shoot a camera but understanding lighting and shutter speed. . .way above my head but I know I can learn.

Joel loves it. . .he couldn't put it down all evening long and he knows his stuff with photography. . his grandfather was an amazing photographer and Joel is the same way. His composition is just spectacular. Some of his nature shots just amaze me. So this camera will be perfect for him also.

So with the embossed leaves complete. . .now on to the Cambridge Vest in Rowan Baby Alpaca dk that I purchased at webs when I went to visit Julie in CT a few weeks ago. I got an amazing deal of it because they are discontinuing the yarn. Normally 11.95 a skein . . .try 8.00. . .ya. . exactly. It is fabulous. . .it feels so nice on the needles and knitting every stitch is a dream.

Our dining room table will be here in 3 weeks so we will be decorating the dining room next weekend during xmas break. Can you say good bye to this. . . . . .

I am just sooooo not about flowers. . .yuck. We will be painting it a earthy red and pull up the carpet (nice hardwood underneath) and adding a country style table and chairs. . . it is going to get great.


Anonymous said...

I think Santa meant to give ME that camera... oops! Better make sure you get it to me. :)

Personally, I'm not sure why you don't like that lovely floral wallpaper. It is so understated and timeless. NOT...

I can't wait to see the after picture of the dining room. It sounds very much like my style.

Anonymous said...

I can't find your email, so am posting this here. Hope you don't mind. :)

I have a friend that is driving through Vermont and wants to meet me in Rutland. She says she recalls at some point, going to a hippie-type cafe in Rutland that was located on a street somewhere near Walmart. Any ideas what she is talking about? Or ideas that are similar where we could meet with her one year old and my two kids? We are thinking not the mall, since it will likely be very crowded. :) thanks!!

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