Sunday, January 30, 2011

Budgeting time

Budgeting my time has always been a struggle for me. These days its even more of a challenge. Tax season is in full throttle, I have a 9 month old this year, and I am trying to study for am exam in April. How do we accomplish all this and not end up at the crazy farm you might ask? Well, I bought this book on time management a few months ago to not find any easy answer but to get some key tips. One of the most important things I picked up from this book as to make a list of the top three things you want to accomplish that day. You can have more than three but in reality those top three are the most important and the only guaranteed ones you will accomplish that day. So far this little trick has worked for me. Keeps me focused. . I will always have my list of long term goals and plans but this weeds it down to a manageable level. It has been working . . .I have been more productive at work and getting there on the home front.

Today's list includes: 1. Cutting out the pieces for my next bag. Another Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag out of Amy Butler fabric this time. . .just for little old me :)

check! Number one is off the list. Now on to the next.

2. Knit for an hour and just relax. I put in 9 billable hours yesterday. . I need a little break or I will crack by April 15th. I have my favorite side kick today and she likes to watch mommy knit. Especially when she is sitting in my lap with a bottle. She pets the item I am knitting as a comfort tool for going to sleep.

3. And three. . hit the books. I don't plan on taking this auditing exam until April so I have time and I am taking it slow. . actually enjoying it. I do enjoy auditing and I have so much exposure to it that this is mostly a refresher and the new things I am picking up are really helping me in the field. Becker is definitely the best out there for CPA exam review. . I enjoy and look forward to studying. . that has never happened before!
Well I better get to number 2 & 3 before the day is over :)

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