Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easy projects to get me through my head cold

My poor brain was hit with a nasty head cold this week. With that said I really needed a break from difficult projects. I picked up an entrelac scarf I started over a year ago and began working on finishing that. . I find entrelac easy and since it is just a scarf. . it's just the right knitting project for me.
I also decided to make a quick fabric basket for my brother's girlfriend this weekend since her birthday is coming up soon and it requires mailing. Something that takes me a while to do since the post office hours do not always work with my schedule. I made her a little make-up bag for Christmas and saved the scraps. . .perfect size scraps for this cute little basket. All I need to do now is get some lotion . . make a card and off to the post office we go. See here for tutorial. . .

Of course the basket had to go through a very tough inspection. . .which I think passed. . .she seemed impressed . . .but knows this really was not a challenge for me. I think she wants those fabric rings I promised her. . .still don't know if I am ready for that yet. . .eeek!

Well off to study . . .getting that CPA exam out of the way this year. Maybe I can get Brooke to hold my flash cards??? . . second thought. . .maybe not:)

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Jen said...

Love that scarf! Noro?

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