Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally a finished project!

I am sooooo excited to finally finish a project. . .and have it turn out perfect!!! Oh what a wonderful feeling!!! And I have to give some credit to my little helper. . if it wasn't for her hard work and support . . .mommy would have never made it! What a good little girl:) She even squealed with excitement and flapped her arms when I asked what she thought!

I think she might be excited just thinking of all the things I can make her later when she is big enough to make requests!

the inside large pocket of the birdie sling bag. . i will say the pattern instructions are very well written. I am very new to sewing and I was able to follow along without any trouble.

Fabric by Moda. I am not sure what pattern line. . .I happened to see it at Knits & Bolts in New Haven and thought this would be the perfect colors for a bag. Can't wait until next weekend when I can start another one. . now that I have been through all the steps and can relax knowing that I am doing it right.

The finished product. . .eeeek. . .I am just so thrilled with how it came out! Hats off to Amy Butler on this pattern!

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