Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I decided to actually make a few resolutions this year. . .

1. Pass my final CPA exam and obtain my license.

2. Get back to my running and actually run some races this year. I ran quite a bit last year but never ran an actual race . . . .this year I am shooting for a half-marathon. (as long as resolution 1 above is complete) :)

3. Actually do something with the craft stashes I have (knitting, spinning, sewing, & scrapbooking). I have stopped accumulating more stuff but I have not had any time in the past two years to actually put a dent in them. I would really like a more healthy crafting environment . . .not one that makes me feel guilty every time I open the door! (as long as resolution 1 above is complete . . .I should be good :)

4. Cook more from scratch. I actually do quite a bit of this now (especially baking) but I really want to expand this for my health and the health of my family. Like most things cooking from scratch takes time. . .something I have not had a lot of in the past few years.

So, with that in writing. . .let the new year begin! Officially only 8 days until exam day. . . .I can almost see those three letters at the end of my name . . .bring it on. I have worked hard and I am so ready for the challenge!

Off for my final review. . .until post exam day. . ttfn :)

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