Sunday, January 15, 2012

Having time again

What a wonderful thing time is:) My test is over and I am just waiting for my final results. The test itself felt really great. . I wasn't caught off guard by anything and I put a lot of study time in so hopefully all of my hard work this past year will pay off and I will finally have my CPA license.

And I am so thankful that I finally invested in Becker's CPA review. . .it really made the difference. Information was well organized and their study tips and tricks were just what I needed along with the lecture. I comprehend so much more in a lecture than by reading it myself. . .I need the stories and the funny jokes to really have it sink in. My hats off to them. They really put together a good quality product.

And although it is tax season, I have rearranged my schedule to allow for three days at the gym. . .two long work days and a Saturday work day. Other than that my time is my own. No bringing home work on the other days . . .those are for rest and Brookie time.

And I woke up this morning at 8! Oh how nice that felt. I feel like a new person. I haven't slept past 6 in years!

And finally my project for the past few weeks when I had 10 to 15 minutes to relax has been the paintbox log cabin blanket by Katherine Keyes. It has been so much fun. . .really! And even though it is a long and large project. . .I am not even fed up with it yet! 20 blocks, each a different skein of noro. . .what could be more fun! And it's just knitting. . .couldn't be more perfect to start when you just want to make something but don't have the brain power to handle something complicated. Hence why I started this during my final leg of the CPA exam. I really needed to have just a little knit time to release some tension but didn't want something complicated to frustrate me. And so here I am . . . on block 16 with 4 more to go before I put them together. . . .so exciting!

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