Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby bumper complete and just in time

Well I got the baby bumper completed. . . and just in the nick of time too!  Welcome baby Emma Reese . . .we can't wait to meet you!  Everyone is doing well and healthy.

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed making this.  The pattern is written pretty well although I watched my friend Julie make mine already so I pretty much knew the sequence of events and I did leave out the pockets.  Not because they were difficult but for the fact that I really didn't like them and this fabric was not sturdy enough to make them work.

I also added some dark brown piping along the top and bottom of each bumper which I thought added a nice sharp edge to each bumper.  In doing this I had to cut 1/4 inch off from each long side to account for the 1/2 inch seam that I was now going to make a 1/4 inch seam.   Kind of a pain because I forgot to do this to one and had to take it out but the result was worth the extra hassle.

I just love the pattern my sister picked out.  It is completely her style and so cute.  I still have the tie quilt to make but that will not take long.  I made Brooke's myself and I remember that being very simple.  I will have to finish that up after June. . .have a graduation bag to make this weekend and a cake to make next weekend.  Going to be a busy June for sure.

I suppose I should get this out in the mail today before she is suddenly 18.  Its amazing how fast it all goes by. . .I still can't believe Brooke is 2!

Speaking of which. . .look at this big girl. . .oh my gosh!  She just makes my heart melt.  She is so sweet and so amazingly brilliant that it scares me.  I actually took out the paperwork yesterday afternoon to start her education investment plan. . .I think we are going to need it.  She is absolutely amazing for her age.  How lucky we are :)

So what is next?


Well Saturday I am working on the Amy Butler Birdie Sling for a graduation gift.  She loves the Beatles so I have a Beatles theme going on for this bag.


Still working on Brooke's mini paintbox log cabin blanket.  Almost done. . .working on the boarder.  Getting the itch to start something else though.

And Sunday I am running in my first half-marathon.  Very nervous. . .haven't ran much in the past two weeks.  My allergies and a head cold knocked me out right after I finished an 8 mile run a couple weekends ago and I just have not been able to breath.  I was completely out for one full week and then last week I ran about 3 times . . .oh well I am still going to do it and hopefully I will not have to walk most of it.  Good news is that it is suppose to be cool this weekend which is the best weather for me to run in. . .hooray!

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