Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graduation Cake

 Its been a while since I have attempted a large cake project but boy did I have fun with this. . .well up to the point of transporting.  Transporting is just not my thing. . .way too stressful!  But even so, I think it came out pretty good and everyone loved it.  So all the stress on the car ride over was worth it.
 This cake was for my cousin Fred who graduated from high school this past Saturday.  He's a big hunter so I made sure to order up some mossy oak frosting overlays just for this occasion.  They worked perfect.  A company out of Alabama makes them and you can order them online and have them in just a few days.  Absolutely Brilliant!!!
The cake was three layers of chocolate, white, and chocolate cake, filling included butter cream and mini chocolate chips . . .all from scratch of course.  I used the cake boss recipes found on Rachel Rays website.  His butter cream frosting recipe as well.  Which is absolutely fabulous. Although I added some almond to mine because I love the taste of almond butter cream.
Cookies are butter cookies found on the KAF website and then royal icing colored with food coloring.  The graduation cap was a small circle cake (three layers as well) covered with fondant and then a large square sugar cookie covered in fondant with a fondant tassel.  Really looking forward to the wedding cake I have to do in August . . and the best part is the wedding is just down the street from out house. . .love that kind of transport!

and of course little Miss B had a blast. . . .life of the party:)

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