Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peerie Flooers Hat

 I have to admit that there is one thing I like more than cables when it comes to knitting. . . .fair isle!  I just love the anticipation of each color and how its going to look.  No matter what I do when it comes
to fair isle knitting whether it be a hat or a sweater. . .I can't wait to get back to the next row!

 This hat patter I purchased on Ravelry from Katie Davies . . titled the Peerie Flooers Hat.  There are also matching mittens which I am starting next!  Very exciting!!!  This is the second pattern of hers that I have used (the other was the owlet pattern for the sweater I made my daughter this fall) and I will say that she has very well written and easy to follow patterns and color charts.  Good Job!

The yarn is Rowan Fine Tweed that I purchased at Webs.  Love the colors and weight of this yarn but you must be careful because you can break the yarn very easily since it is a single ply.  Its worth the extra sensitivity though . . .the colors are amazing.  However, now that Jared Flood has come out with a finer weight yarn in his line I think if I made it again I might lean his way since his colors are just exceptional.

And a very special thank you for my number one model.  Since it was 90 degrees outside today she is a doll for putting this on her head for me to take photos!  Thank you Brookie!!!!!

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