Thursday, August 2, 2012

Can you say .....YUM!

That's right . . .Martha Stewarts chocolate cake with a cookies and cream filing topped with the amazing Cake Boss butter cream frosting.   Oh yes, and I can't forget to mention the Oreo cookies to finish off the trim.  

A cake of pure heaven:)

Now you would think that with all this baking I would weight 350lbs . . .well thankfully I am now an addicted runner, have a high metabolism, and drag all this to work so that I only eat . . get this . . .just one slice . . .this is what I call smart guilt free baking:)  Share the sugar and the love baby!

Good recipe but not the winner . . .even though chocolate is always a girls favorite. . .it will stain a girls wedding dress and lets face it . . .most guys are not nice when it comes to the first bite of cake as husband and wife.  Well except for my husband. . .and he is either just the sweetest man there is or completely scared of me.  Until death do us part . . . Guess he is just a smart man!

Wish I could say that I have accomplished large batches of sewing or crafting projects while I have been on vacation. . .but vacation with a 2 year old . . .well not so productive.  I am also torn between getting in a long run or hitting a long run at the sewing machine.  A very difficult decision but the weather here in Vermont is not nice forever and I already dread the thought of hitting the treadmill again so for now ....running it is.  I am up to 19 miles this week. . .woohoo!

But I did accomplish something. . .a design per the request of a friend. . .my own pattern.  A iPod wallet with a side pocket.  Now all I need to do is find some clasps and make a wrist band for it.  Its cute, easy, and a great way to use those scraps.  These would also make great items for a craft fair.


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