Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lots of fruits around here

And yes there are lots of fruits in this house but in this case . . .its not what I meant.  This time I am referring to two beautiful and easy to make dresses and one yummy cake!  This dress was so easy that I finished two of them in one weekend without neglecting my child.  A sense of accomplishment and quality time with the little one. . .woohoo!!!  Dress is:  Faith's Shirred Sundress by Create Kids Couture -
The price is very reasonable and she has a reasonable policy on remaking the dress for resale.  Sizes range from 6 to 12 months up to girls size 8.  The pattern is also cut from just square measurements so there are no pattern pieces to cut out and tape together (even better).

The cherry dress above and below I made for my niece Emma, size 6 to 12 months . . .although she is only 2 months so it will be a little bit before she fits in this.  A great gift pattern - 1/3 a yard for the body, 1/3 yard for the ruffle, and 1/4 yard for the straps.  You can choose to use all the same fabric which is what I did above or choose coordinating fabric for just the straps and ruffle.

This was actually the first time I actually shirred a dress. . .got to admit the elastic thread kind of intimidated me but it was super easy!  I also learned how to serge a rolled hem with my serger!  Exciting stuff in the world of sewing. . . well I think anyway.

 And dress number two. . . .same pattern but this time in size 2T for my Brooke.  I love the apples and pears print . . .its just so stinking cute!  I can definitely see myself using this pattern over and over again for quite some time and it will grow with her.

Oh yes, . . .lets not forget about the yummy cake.  I am in the process of testing different flavored cake an upcoming wedding for a dear friend.  So far we have tried a white cake with whip cream and strawberry filling and buttercream fondant frosting (forgot to take photos).  This one below is a lemon cake with raspberry filling and a buttercream frosting.  

The lemon cake is a Martha Stewart lemon cake (which is just delicious) and the center I just made up with fresh raspberries, heavy cream, and some sugar.  The buttercream frosting is the Buddy Valstro's buttercream found on Rachael Rays website

This frosting tastes good, decorates well. . .I highly recommend. . he is the cake boss :)  This one definitely will be the center cake we think. . .probably white with strawberries on the bottom and then we are not sure about the top . . .we have chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling to try and of course . . .red velvet. . have to try red velvet.  Really looking forward to trying a white buttercream frosting as well.  So for now . . . .LET THEM EAT CAKE!

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