Friday, August 24, 2012

LOVE this dress!

 I just love this dress and the pattern is so much fun.  This one is a size 8 and made for a special little girl to wear on her first day of school this year.  I really hope she likes it.  I definitely enjoyed making it!

 I also got some shots of little Miss B in the apple and pears dress I made for her a few weeks ago.  Things worked out in my favor this time.  Last time the poor thing got car sick on our way to take photos and the dress did not make it to the photo shoot.  It was not a pretty sight to see :(

But this time while waiting for my husband to finish his 36 mile trail race . . .her and I had some fun with the camera.  What a doll she is becoming!  She is so sweet and thoughtful.  I hope to keep her that way:)   
I think this one is my favorite.  That smile right before she cracks up laughing.
The dress looks great on her . . and to surprise her I found some cute Nemo fabric to make her another dress out of.  Nemo and Mickey Mouse are top dog in this house so I think she is just going to be over the moon for this next dress!  I might have to sneak it off her to wash it. . .who knows?
Goofy kid! xoxoxoxo

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