Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Blanket for Dad

I started this project this fall with the high hopes of getting it done for Christmas along with a gazillion other projects.  Unfortunately, I didn't even get it to the cutting board until January.  But it will be well worth the wait.   

I am so excited about how this turned out.  I love the colors!  They are so vibrant.  Now, Packers fan or not (I am so not a sports fan in general), its pretty cool!  

This blanket is super warm since it is a double layer of fleece.   Of course due to my delay, he may not use it until next year since winter is pretty much over in Tennessee.  

Oh well, that is how holidays work in our family.  Brooke just got her Christmas gifts from my parents a few weeks ago.  No pressure:)

Pattern:  free Joann's pattern which consisted of 9 x 9 inch squares.  I bought some Packers fleece when it was on sale this fall at and then hit Joann's on black Friday for their super fleece sale.  I have lots of fleece left over and it only cost me $40 for all the fleece to begin with.  A total deal!

The only complaint I have is the hand sewing I had to do at the corner seams where the 8 pieces of fleece came together.  Not even a jeans needle and a walking foot would go through it without skipping and leaving big stitches.  Other than that it was a breeze.  

Would I make another one. . . . maybe??  I think I would have to figure out the corner seam issue first.  It was very time consuming and time is not something I have an abundance of.    

I even got it out in the mail this week!  Should be there on Monday. . .I await the call saying the package arrived.  

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