Monday, May 13, 2013

201 Stitch Cowl

I finally made one of these for me :)  Hooray!  And I love love love it!  Made out of two stunning colors of Madeline Tosh yarn that I picked up last fall at Rhinebeck sheep and wool.  I followed this yayayarn pattern (adapted from the Chickadee Cowl) on Ravelry.

This is a great stitch pattern as well.  Simple with an amazing illusion.  Looks woven doesn't it?  I highly recommend getting some special yarn (the kind you could never make a sweater out of because the price makes your heart palpitate) and make one of these.  A treat with out killing the yarn budget.

Also - runway Brooke has its first big project almost complete. . .just need to put on the button!  So exciting!!!!


Christine Messer said...

Absolutely love this. The stitches look amazing.

Raven said...

This is gorgeous! Do you remember what colorways you used? That gold is just glowing!

Gwen said...

Thank you! I am still searching my craft room for the labels. I have not found them yet but I can't believe that I would thrown them out. If I find anything I will update revelry. I have to give my room a good cleaning in the next few weeks.

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