Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My favorite time of year . . .

September really is my favorite time of year.  
And luckily we have had some really wonderful family time this past month.  
We made a long weekend in York Beach, ME.  Brooke's first trip to the ocean.  
Which was exciting and entertaining for all of us.  

I even got to do a little bit of knitting on the beach!  Very relaxing :)

It's also apple picking time here in Vermont.  
So we also had our annual family apple pick.   
We have done this every year since 2001!  
Some of my favorite photos of Brooke usually come from this trip.  
The weather was great, apples were yummy, and you can't forget the cider or the donuts! 

There must be something about Vermont this time of year that just allows for every photo to be picture perfect.  
I just love this place!

However, my favorite part this year was making apple pies with Brooke.  
This is the first year she has been able to help.  
And yes, . . .I know. . she needs a hand sewn apron. . .its on my list!  

The last time we were at King Arthur Flour she got her very own rolling pin!  
It is just way too cute! 
 I made extra pie crust.  
KAF has amazing pie curst recipes and it really isn't that hard by the way.
Try it!

But the best part. . .

 was her face when she held up her very own pie!!! 

So even though I have not finished a single craft project in weeks . . .
I am totally ok with it . .
this moment I will cherish forever!

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