Monday, July 28, 2008

Been Busy!!!!!!

Lets see. . last week. . .baked a second carrot cake for Tom at work.. . . . which came out great once again. I miss baking. . .I so need more room. Decorated it exactly the way I did Joel's except it had a little accident on the way to work. . .but luckily after years of experience baking cakes with my mom. . .I brought extra frosting to patch it right up.

Silly me tried to put it in the car with my purse on my shoulder. . .came right off my shoulder full force into the side of the cake . . . .whoops :( Fixed it right up. . nobody noticed anything.. .although I don't know if cream cheese frosting is good for leather?. . .it is extra shiny in that spot.

Then. . big day Monday. . .I got my braces off!!!!! Finally after 3 years of treatment for my TMJ. . .I am done! I am sooooooo happy! It has been such a long process. I am finally pain free and like my smile! I had lots of popcorn and gum and popcorn and gum!

Although the week was filled with excitement and way to much work. . .I did have a really relaxing weekend. . . .

My sunflowers are up! Someone who loves me planted them for me!

Yep. . .that would be him!

Barley enjoying the front on the canoe on Glen Lake.

And the lily pads. . .she seems to think it is game to see how many she can grab and bring into the canoe on the way by. . . .but the worst was the dead snail she caught that was floating on the surface. . she bit it to it and that was all we could smell for hours! Lets just say . . . no Barley kisses for a while. .yuck!

Love this photo. . she is getting so grown up!


ROO said...

I didn't know you could add comments to this thing! LOL So I love the new no braces look! You must be so happy! Your smile is beautiful! :) See ya soon!

kristina said...

Congrats on getting the braces off! You have a beautiful smile!!

I had them for FIVE years. It felt like endless torture. :) I will never forget how awesome it felt to have them off.

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