Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Day of Spinning

A day of spinning today. . . it really has been a long time. Today, I remembered exactly how much I love the feel of the wool spinning and drafting between my fingers. I went back to my Greta Dise roving that I purchased at Rhinebeck over a year ago. . .which I started working on with Julie last summer. . .how bad is that. . .it's called peacock and we both started it at the same time. Greta's roving is just to die for and I usually purchase one bag every year.

It really is amazing to see the line at her booth every year . . . . .people just keep coming back and you can't get enough. . .I know I am one of them. The color is amazing and it really is easy to spin.

I also remembered how much I love my spinning wheel. . .thank you Marlee! She talked me in to getting a louet. . .it's an S51 DT(double treadle). It is so easy to transport and I can take it just about anywhere. . .it is one of the easiest to learn on and sooooooo low maintenance. It never gives me any trouble.

The only downfall I see to it. .. is that is it is not as pretty as a traditional wheel. . .but I can live with that.

I also finished my chemise this week. . but I have to get someone to take a photo of me in it. I did however wear it to a clients on Thursday and everyone at work loved it. It really came out nice. . .I am thinking about making my sister one for Christmas.

Over all it has been a nice 4th of July weekend. Joel made me get up and do a 5k on Friday at 8:00am. I was doing great too.. . .kicked butt up the hill and then about a mile away from the finish line. . .my ipod locks up!!!!! I of course freaked out and had to stop and fix it. I just can't be without my music. . .so needless to say I was over 30 minutes by like 30 seconds . . and I so would have been under 30 if I hadn't panicked. . . .but oh well. . .at least I got up and got out there. I haven't ran three miles straight in over a month.

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