Sunday, July 6, 2008


Started the long awaited Jasmine by Kim Hargreaves. I ordered this directly from her website as a kit so I could get the exact buttons used in the photo. I really love the simple conservative look of this sweater.

So far I really like working with this yarn although it is a little on the light weight side. Working in US size 1 and 2 needles. The yarn is a 4ply cotton and unlike most cottons it does not split at all!! Good job Rowan! I just finished the Chemise with cotton glace and this left me with the same experience. I really enjoy Rowan yarn. . .I hate to be a yarn snob but you really do get what you pay for. The quality is unbeatable.

Busy week this week. . . .we will see how much knitting I actually get done. Joel and I can not commute together this week. . .at all since has electrofishing all week. . .and I am at audit most of the week. Between job wrap ups, the gym, and studying for the CPA exam. . .I might have time to breath. . . . a little. . .but not like the past two weeks with vacation days and holidays.. . .bummer:(

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a pretty sweater... good choice!!

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