Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Healthy Happy Birthday!

Joel had a healthy happy birthday cake this year. He turned 33 on Friday and for his birthday I have two choices for a cake.

1. Carrot cake
2. Cherry cheese cake.

I decided on carrot cake this year and went for a "from scratch and totally organic"!

After searching online I found a long list of great recipes off the whole foods website. They really have some outstanding dishes! Check it out if you have a chance.

We had a barbecue and our friend Mark's house with my in-laws and some friends from town. Food was great and there was not much left of my cake. . .even though there was another store bought cake there. . . .from scratch still proves to be the best!

Today I am baking another one for work since Friday was also one of the partners birthdays. . .so I am back at it again. . .starting to realize how much I miss baking. . I haven't done much since we moved into this apartment several years ago. The kitchen is sooooooo tiny and I have two tiny spaces of counter to work on . . .I just can't move which drives me nuts. I just can't wait until we close on our house and I have room to move again! (which there still is no change in. . .she is still next on the waiting list for the retirement home . . .poor thing. . she is as anxious as we are).

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